Olia Kaimakchi


New York-based designer, Olia Kaimakchi, grew up in historic Taganrog, Russia on the Black Sea.  Her grandmother, a seamstress, instilled in her a passion for sewing and design that drives Olia’s fascination with innovative stitching techniques and insistence on delivering only the highest quality attire.

Olia started up the brand in New York in 2011, a motivational move that was spurned on by her childhood interested in sewing, fascination with the fashion world and her dream to work for herself and do something that she loved.   A move to Thailand after a busy city life in Moscow allowed for self-discovery and brought her passions to the surface.

Olia’s energy and creativity is poured into every collection sparked by her inspiration from the worlds of music, dance, art and travel.

An imaginative brand that dares to explore comfort and sex appeal, most aptly described as modern elegance with a classic twist, Olia’s creations take a modern woman in style whenever or wherever she roams.